Can you use human shampoos on dogs while mobile pet grooming doral?

Sometimes dogs get into certain messy conditions that require them to get bathed right instant. There is much debate going on whether you can use human shampoos while mobile pet grooming Doral. Even though human shampoos clean dogs but it is not a pretty safe option. Further, the coat can appear shiny and fluffy, but the skin suffers sometimes.

Some things to consider

  1. Dog’s skin and pH balance

The top skin layer is always protected with a thin layer called the acid mantle. The pH balances of dogs and humans are entirely different. Dogs have a pH balance between 6.2 to 7.4, which is the neutral line. Likewise, using human shampoos can lead to infections and irritations on their skin.

  1. What are the best shampoos prescribed for dogs?

Dog shampoo for mobile pet grooming Doral is the best option for treating your furry friend. These shampoos are designed for their skin and coats, with various options available for both adults and puppies of every breed. The dog shampoos are easier to lather, so you have to use more human shampoos on dogs.

  1. What is the substitute for dog shampoo?

If you have run out of dog shampoo and want to clean your dog, using regular human shampoo turns to be the last resort. Secondly, choose the neutral pH range of 7 while using on dogs. Human shampoos are not considered for long bathing commitments.

Keep the mild fragrant shampoos away from your dogs as they can worsen their skins.


Stock up lots of dog shampoos for emergencies. Choose only the perfect ones for your little friend. Human shampoos upset the pH balance in the skin. So, it would be best if you always used dog shampoos so that it doesn’t lead to any problems.