Do I really need car insurance for my used car?

So, you have planned to purchase a used car for yourself. Quite naturally, you have started looking into the different offers available for used vehicles and the motor auctions offering the best brands of used vehicles. While searching for used cars, you must be probing into the logistics of the cars including its insurance. You might think it is not necessary to insure a used motor. Well, don’t make that mistake.

Insuring the used vehicle is a different kind of decision making procedure as compared to new car insurance. This insurance requires you to understand certain elements of car insurance – some of these you might avoid while some are of utmost necessity for you. What are these?

Car Insurance is Valid for Used Cars as Well

Some Important Considerations of Used Car Insurance

  • It is absolutely necessary to have insurance for all cars, whether it is a used one or a new variety. This is a legal necessity and the base level car insurance is called liability insurance. This insurance provides coverage for all kinds of damages which you might face in case of accident. For example, in case while driving you hit someone and cause damage, you are liable to claim for such damage. This insurance policy of yours makes the company pay for the damage caused. Make sure you get such flexible coverage with your insurance policy even if it is your used car.
  • Things might appear a bit blurry when it comes to comprehensive and collision insurance. By the aid of collision insurance you can replace or repair your vehicle, if it gets involved in an accident. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance gives coverage for vandalism, theft, weather damage and other such things.

Now, do used cars require these kinds of coverage? It depends on certain things. Suppose you have a clunker, then you can drive the vehicle without this insurance since the premium you pay for the vehicle is much greater than purchasing another car. However, in case you have a comparatively new car, a used motor which is few years old, these policies will help you in protecting your vehicle against the said issues.

Well, the fact is what kinds of insurance you will have for your car depends on your reference and risk tolerance. It is sufficient so long you acquire an insurance that is legally approved. Getting of an additional coverage from the motor insurance solely depends on your intention to replace your car keeping a balance with the premium you have to pay for your insurance.

Some car owners believe in “self insurance” where they place their fund, equivalent to the additional premium they would have to pay, in some particular savings account so that they meet the expenses of replacing or repairing their vehicle at the time of theft, accident or any other such events.

Aren’t all these ideas help you in taking the right decision in insuring your used car? When you finance your used motor, you need to insure it fully. By this you really enjoy your used car and save money.