smart home lights

Improve Light Control in Your Home in Singapore

Do you want to make your home special and make it a lot livable? Then you should not hesitate to visit Near and your needs will always be met here.  The outlet sells top quality products that can help transform your home and turn it to a more productive and functional place to reside.  If you need products that can create a color-changing atmosphere in your home, you can get it at this outlet and make the home look more beautiful. The products sold here can also bring about mood enhancement and make the home a place you will love to return to.  The outlet can equally be trusted for convenient smart light so that the lighting system in your home can be better improved.

The lighting system sold at this outlet can help to separate work form rest, especially if you are the work-at-home type.  The products and services offered here are highly affordable and amazing in all sense of the word.  Thanks to the smart lighting control system sold here, you will be able to completely automate the light in your home for different conditions like sunset, sunrise or any other setting for that matter.

You can equally choose from different colors of light at this outlet. In fact, there are up to 16 million color types to choose from.  The color changes can be effected with just a tap on your mobile device. However, you need to first install the Near app on your mobile device before you can use it to control the light in your home the way you like.