What You Need to Know About the Natural Progesterone Cream

Fertility problems can be caused by hormone imbalances. This usually happens to women who have short cycles where progesterone can be the cause of the problem. It is believed that progesterone creams can increase the chances of having a baby.


Before you use progesterone cream, it is important that you do a research about the product that you want to use. You should know how it can affect your fertility. Work with your doctor and see if progesterone creams can be added to your natural fertility treatment.


The Natural Progesterone Cream :



           Some women claim that natural progesterone cream is effective if you want to conceive fast. Make sure that you choose the brand that is soy-free. You can start using the product in the second half of your cycle. By using any progesterone brand, you can start to apply 20mg of natural progesterone from the 7th to the 27th day of your cycle. If in any case that your period begins early, stop using progesterone right away.


Aside from the benefits of progesterone with fertility, it can also protect the woman’s breast, uterus, and ovaries from cancer. It is also a natural diuretic with an anti-anxiety as well as calming effects. Progesterone can also help in the formation of new bone tissues.


It is also best if you can continue using this product for the first three months of your pregnancy to make sure that your body has enough progesterone levels to continue with the pregnancy. Continue using this until your placenta will take over in the production of progesterone during the second trimester.


If you are struggling with fertility, try the natural fertility treatment. This way, you would be able to boost your fertility levels, without causing damage to the reproductive system with harmful chemicals that synthetic products usually contain. Always do your research when you want to try some new methods, and make sure you have your doctor’s consent.