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Various types of PPE used in healthcare

PPE which is personal protective equipment is the disposable clothing that is worn for creating the barrier between the bodily fluids, blood, or respiratory secretions. PPE helps prevent cross-contamination like food preparation or for safety when making use of chemicals. Due to this PPE is very important for healthcare and care homes.

When to use PPE in healthcare?

Commonly the personal protective clothing in settings of healthcare is used for controlling the infection. PPE is acting as the barrier between your skin and infectious materials, your eyes, nose, or mouth. This is the barrier which is having the potential for blocking the transmission of contaminants from bodily fluids, blood, or respiratory secretions.

PPE will help you in protecting the high-risk contracting infections which is been exposed to the infectious materials which are been brought by the visitors or staff. PPE is designed as disposable clothing which can be removed effectively and been disposed of immediately after it is worn. It is also used for protecting the exposure to germs and often in special waste containers.

Types of PPE

Gloves- This will protect your hands from germs and help in reducing the spread.

Masks- This is used for covering your nose and mouth

Eye protection– This can include the goggles and face shields

Clothing- head coverings, aprons, gowns, and shoe covers

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