plumbers insurance

The essential requirement for a plumber:

The plumbing work is a risky task. The work of the plumber involves assembling the pipes, fittings and tubes. They also evaluate the blueprints of the house or any buildings before they build. They do lots of works on heights and in confined spaces. Plumbers have redundant activity during their work. The plumbers would have any type of injuries like hand injuries due to the tools they use, high-temperature injuries, eye injuries. The plumbers would also get hearing loss as they work continuously with loud sounds. They may also get exposed to asbestos which has many health hazards. As the plumbers are at risky work they require a plumbing insurance policy. This may help him to lead his further life if the plumber becomes ill due to any of the reasons.

Type of insurance the plumbers require:

Plumbers have many types of insurance policies. The most familiar insurance policy for the plumbers includes-

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Commercial property
  • Workers Compensation

There are also some special insurance policies offered to the plumbers based on the plumber’s critical operations. The fundamental plumbing insurance program for the plumbers includes numerous coverage under one policy. This is called a Business Owner’s policy (BOP).The BOP policy encloses :

  • Coverage for the general liability – This policy claims for the injuries and the damages that are due to the result of accidents or faults performed by the plumbers. The policy may help the plumbers to recover from the damage.
  • Coverage for the property – This policy claims for the damage that occurs to the plumber’s equipment or appliances or devices. Most of the tools operated by the plumber are expensive. The policy may support the plumbers to buy the new equipment.
  • Coverage for the income loss- This policy helps the plumbers if they have any loss in their work economically.