How to repair an air mattress?

Air mattresses help to halt pressure injuries. Air mattress helps you maintain good health. The pressure injuries these days are pacing up. Thus, the air mattress comes into the picture and is helping at its best. It comes in different varieties. Therefore, buyers can buy concerning their budget and choice. Now air mattresses can also be used as a regular bed sometimes so it saves up money for those who cannot afford a regular bed. These are most convenient for bachelors and students who stay outside their hometown for educational or other purposes.

The different motion of the mattress helps in reducing the pressure in the first place. This promotes better circulation in the body. These are often referred to as Anti-decubitus mattresses. It focuses on the high-pressure parts of the body and reduces the pressure created in that particular area. The pressure redistribution method helps in preventing pressure ulcers on the firm parts of the body.

There are certain things which has to be kept in mind while repairing an air mattress. You will require a few pieces of equipment to mend the mattress. Some of which are scissors, masking tape, long needle, rubber gloves, yarn, sponge, soapy water, paper towels, pliers.

Steps to be followed

The first step is to inflate the mattress at least halfway full. You have to mark the leak wherever you find it. Then run the sponge saturated in the soap water to the suspected leaks. Perform the same process until the leak is found and use the masking tape to mark the holes. This is how you fix air mattress. Then you need to dry all the parts by using a towel. Use the cement from your patch kit and the long needle and yarn for the next step. Apply the cement on the small leaks with your rubber gloves on. The cement will help if there is a hole and not any cracks.