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Consumer and business debt assistance through financial counselling


Credit counselling Singapore (CCS) provides credit counselling for consumers with personal debts and company owners with personal or commercial obligations to assist them in resolving their financial problems, particularly those involving unsecured debt. The professional financial counsellors are ready to help with debt guidance that is comprehensive, impartial, and individualised to the situation.When it comes to finances, these counsellors are financial specialists who give the skills and knowledge that are necessary for dealing with economic issues. It is confidential to speak with them, and it may be just what is needed to get the finances back on track.

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Professional financial counsellors understand that discussing debt can be difficult for some people. Many Singaporeans believe that they will be held responsible or criticised for the current economic predicament in which they find themselves.For those who are experiencing financial issues in making payments on unprotected personal loans, credit cards, or business loans, our Financial Counsellors are specialists who will give debt assistance to assist in regaining control of the financial situation.

While participating in a credit counselling session, our Financial Counsellors will work with the individual to help understand the financial situation, assess repayment ability, and decide on the most appropriate course of action to address debt and cashflow issues, taking into consideration the unique financial situation and circumstances. As a result, one must be honest with facts regarding money management and spending habits.


The primary goal of credit counselling is to assist in making an informed choice on the best appropriate answer for the situation and then moving forward with confidence.Credit Counselling Singapore will organise a Debt Management Program on behalf of the individual if deemed suitable and willing. If an individual isconsidered appropriate and helpful, one may consider participating in a Debt Management Program.