ice cream

Why everyone likes to eat ice creams?

When people like some cold food in the summer season, ice cream comes first in the mind.  People have a passion to eat different flavour ice creams. The reasons behind the liking of ice cream are many. It has endless quantities of favours. Some people like to eat chocolate flavour while some vanilla and many more.  Ice cream parlours are very common in every street. One can easily get the ice cream in the market. Few online stores are also located nearby you who accept the order and deliver it to your doorstep. It is good in every season. Many ice cream brands are very popular who do a good business every day. mao shan wang ice cream is an example of a successful business which has now become a brand in Singapore. It is famous for its secret coconut recipe ice cream. Ice cream is a famous desert generally serves after taking a meal. It makes you happy which is scientifically proven. These are a few reasons why people like to eat ice cream but it has some bad health effects also what we should aware of that.

  1. Eating so much ice cream becomes a reason for weight gain. It contains high fat, calories and sugar that increase the weight fast.
  2. Excess of sugar can be dangerous for diabetics. The one who is already suffering from it, are forbidden to eat.
  3. Continually adding ice cream to your diet can also result in a heart attack.