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Counseling: get effective communication in four steps

For the ability to communicate with the patient to be effective, four basic steps must be taken. Click here for expat counsellor.


it is important that the professional focus on the present moment using the connection with their breathing. This will allow him to take a few seconds to choose his answer to a patient’s question.Visit this site for expat counsellor.


validation is the ability to listen to the emotion of the other and to show empathy. It is a question of legitimizing the point of view of the patient and making him see that his behavior has valid reasons for being. It is only through the feeling of being accepted and validated that the lines of communication open: the professional may not agree with the patient’s opinions or behaviors, but he can nevertheless understand them and validate them. Thus, the principles of a validating communication are to resist the reflex to correct and to tell the patient what to do, to understand the needs and concerns of the patient, to listen to him and facilitate his autonomy so that he can act.


This step is the foundation on which counseling is based. It is the fact that the professional conducts open and targeted questions that help the patient to think and make satisfactory decisions. Some open questions that may facilitate communication with the patient are: what do you know about your illness? How do you feel? How can I help you?


Dialogue is the means to inform and share perspectives with the patient. It is very useful to carry out constructive criticism to request changes. For this, it is advisable to start by describing the problem and express the feelings that this problematic behavior generates, then solicit options for change, while proposing alternative behaviors that replace the previous one.