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Baby Blankets: Buying Tips for Parents

Blanket is undoubtedly the newborn’s first and best friend. Many babies are not even ready to go to sleep without their blanket. Thus, buying the right blanket for your small one becomes important for every parent. With many kinds of the baby blankets accessible in the market, determining which one is suitable for your little one is the most daunting task. But, if you know what different kinds of the baby blankets are there, it gets simple to buy the perfect blanket for your small one, and check out the image for the same.

Various Types of the Baby Blankets and Uses

Receiving Blankets:

These are the highly versatile kind of blanket as they are multi-functional and used for any purpose, which includes play mat, swaddling blanket, burp cloth, and more.

Security Blankets:

They are made to make your babies or toddlers feel comfortable and secure at the bedtime and other situations. They are made from ultra-soft material such as fleece; the blankets come with the stuffed animal attached.

Swaddling Blankets:

They are designed for wrapping your babies tightly, and making them feel as if they are in their mother’s tummy. The blankets are similar to the security blankets in terms of functionality, and with an only difference they come with the Velcro fasteners, which help you to swaddle your baby quickly and easily.

Quilts or Crib Blankets:

The baby blanket HK is larger than the receiving blankets in its size, can be used as the bedding or for different decorative purposes.