Postnatal massage hong kong

About Post –Natal Therapy

After the delivery process, many are simply tired. In addition, the need to breastfeed and breastfeed a newborn several times a night can be tiring. Today’s new mother does not have much time to rest and relax in the solitude period at home. You have to get back to work pretty quickly, which means that you are faced with additional pressure to lose weight and reuse office clothes. Postpartum massage therapy can be the solution to your needs.

Here are 6 key benefits of postpartum massage:

  1. Relaxation
  2. Stress relief
  3. Relieves pain in the shoulders or neck
  4. Accelerate reduced fluid retention.
  5. Help the uterus shrink to its original image.
  6. Reduces cellulite and helps tone the body.

In fact, in many parts, many prenatal women have pre-booking sessions with a masseur for postpartum massage. The treatment is traditional and has been passed on for generations and is even practiced today. This procedure involves the use of massage oil applied to the abdomen and wrapping of the abdomen mainly several meters of cotton. Postnatal massage hong kong is usually done in the privacy of the house itself.

Postpartum massage creates a feeling of constant comfort for a new mother. The purpose of this massage is to provide nutritious and emotional support, as well as relieve muscle tension during childbirth and childbirth. Some methods of postpartum massage are also accompanied by a detoxification ritual that eliminates postpartum irritation.


For a mother who gave birth to her baby in a natural way, it is usually completely safe to receive postpartum massage. For those who receive a cesarean section, be sure to consult your professional massage therapist or doctor.