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Understand the Basic of Cognos Planning Analytics

IBM Cognos Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is a forecasting, budgeting, analysis, and planning solution, available for the implementation on the premises or in the cloud-based system. Created on the technology of ibm tm1, it provides an aiding solution for multiple organizations and businesses to operate automation, spreadsheet-based processes, and connected financial strategies to the operational techniques.

IBM Cognos Planning Analytics has a customizable workspace that can be implemented to the center management and business managers. Also, it provides a well-detailed Microsoft Excel interface.

Moreover, IBM Cognos Planning Analytics can accommodate methodologies, such as driver-based planning and multiple forecasts. All users may perform a complicated dimensional calculation to understand the product and the customer’s profitability, product/sales volume variance, and sales mix. This software allows users to uncover insights automatically, right at the data centers and boost decision-making capabilities by utilizing the skills of IBM Watson Analytics. Also, this software manages scorecards and multiple dashboards to view KPIs and rely on business results through different types of visualization reports.

Functionalities of IBM Cognos Planning Analytics

This powerful software solution helps you with the following:

  • Create reliable and timely plans, business forecasts and allotted budgets
  • Works in-depth, would-be scenario analyzation to try possible assumptions and compare different alternative solutions
  • Create multi-dimensional models to understand the overall profitability of the business by customers, region, products, etc.
  • Can communicate reports with a self-service visualization function
  • Rely on messages and collaborate with different teams and department in a business organization across HR, Business Operations, Sales, Finance, etc.

ibm tm1Highlights of IBM Cognos Planning Analytics

  • It automates manual data which is focused on planning, forecasting, and reports analyzation.
  • Discover multiple possible insights directly to the cloud-based servers
  • Operates several strategies for financial plans. Gather necessary information, rely on and execute deliverable ideas
  • Enhance the overall feature and maximizes the functionality of MS Excel so users will become more productive by providing a quicker response or solutions
  • Operates a faster on-cloud implementation across the whole company or organization.

This software gives businesses overall performance management to grow and evolve. If deployed, there are higher chances that your business will manage all the necessary task on time and can give satisfaction to their current and would-be clients.