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Timelines Creator For The Timers

We all might have felt the use of marking the dates of important events or happenings in our lives at some point in time. The best way to cherish ourselves with the remembrance of our memories is by creating a timeline.

What is the timeline?

The timeline can be considered as a way of presenting important events of our lives either in a planned chronological sequence or as graphical presentation. The important dates and happenings of the related events are marked by us on that timeline as a remembrance of our past. They are vitally important for projects and their timely completion.

There exists mainly three types of different timelines which are as follow:

  • Text timeline with text labels
  • Number timeline with numerical labels
  • Interactive timelines with computerized visuals

The key timeline elements

timeline maker

Regardless of the information provided in the timeline about the event details, there are some key elements that are a must to be included in every timeline. These included elements are the Information about the tasks to be covered or completed, the completion dates for the events, the duration to be assigned for the completion of each task as well as the Dependencies and requirements between the completion of each task.

Tips for timeline creation

  • There should be an illustrative title to describe the contents of the events or projects.
  • One should carefully decide the segments to be illustrated in the projects as well as the beginning and project completion dates.
  • Decide the scale of the project timeline in equally divided sections or segments.
  • One should denote a free space or leave a segment empty to mark it as a missing time gap.
  • All the events and their respective information should be added on the timeline for the creation of a detailed timeline.
  • With the use of some bullet denotations, one should mark the completion of events on that created timeline.
  • Whenever needed and if possible, one can easily add a visual or graphical illustration to the timelines for its clarity and better understanding.

These illustrative timelines can now be created digitally on your pcs and laptops using the numerous types of available timeline creator like office timeline and that too in a manner of PowerPoint presentation. The slides of the created timelines can be easily edited and shared amongst others working on the same project or event. There are various options like intelligent formatting, flexible designing and elegantly simple templates for their creation and management.