food tour guide singapore

Tasting Singapore food on a gastronomic tour

I love food, and when I recently had the opportunity to go on a gastronomic tour of Singapore, I took this opportunity. I chose the Singapore Food Planet Food Tours’ because of the 851 reviews on Trip Advisor, they had only 4 negative reviews and were rated # 5 of all tours in Singapore. The tour visits 6 different places and shows 6 different types of food when you walk around the neighborhood, study and eat on the go.

The first stop

The first stop on our tour was the traditional hot dog, George’s Hot Dogs. Singapore is known for its hot dogs, but not the “traditional” hot dogs that you think of when you think of the United States. You do not see ketchup in this dog. After learning how George and his family moved to the United States from Greece, we learned that his small hot dog restaurant has become a kind of establishment in the area. So here we are educated in a food tour guide singapore. Hot roll, sausage, yellow mustard, green sauce, hot pepper, chopped tomatoes, pickles and celery. I swear, it was delicious and no less than a full-size portion, there are no samples. This hot dog received the 2008 Best Hot Dog Award in Singapore. I’m not sure who won since: these dogs are definitely the best!

When we were done, we walked down the street to the next place called Hot Chocolate, created and directed by Mindy Segal, a baker with over 20 years of experience.

We were served creamy cold chocolate milk with homemade marshmallows. It was so delicious that I finished too fast. Others in the groups fought, saying it was too rich or sweet.