House painting louisville

Let the Colors Flow with Your New House Painting

The paint of your home, both inside and out, is but of very important detail. Guests marvel at beautiful decors and photographs that hang on your walls. Yet, they never seem to notice the paint you chose for your interior and exterior.

Your home may be a little of age but it does not mean you have to or can let go of it. In fact, it is best to keep it shiny and clean because you see it every day. How can you stand being in the very room where you do not like how it looks.

House painting louisvilleThe Basics of House Painting

Painting could be your hobby, or maybe you think that it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. But be prepared, house painting is challenging and tiring. Professional painters always just have their game on. Truly, painting can be fun and a stress reliever, but always be careful.


Houses have bumps and holes, uneven and worn out walls, and dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. Best to have a smooth and clean surface to be able to paint with a little bit more ease. You may have to put in some extra effort especially with the filling of the holes, but sandpaper could help.

Trim Guards and their Usefulness

While a trim guard is a little steep, it would be very useful when it comes to avoiding painting ceilings, adjoining walls, and floors. Although tape is also a good alternative, it can get a little tricky and will need some practice to get used to it.

Careful not to Slip on the Floor

Canvas can be expensive but it is much better than cheap, plastic cloth for the floor. The plastic coth means you are calling for an accident to happen if paint falls on it. Unlike the canvas, the paint is soaked up and would not cause any danger.

Do or Die: Choosing the Colors

This is the most important decision you will ever make when it comes to painting your house. Make sure to choose the color that you really like; but remember. choosing colors is as difficult as your worst subject in school. Do some research or ask an expert to make sure you do not regret it. If you are bold enough, go ahead and try out different colors, experiment. And if you are afraid, you will never know if the right color you are looking for is due to a mix-and-match trial.

Last but not Least… How?

Most of the time, you see people use paint trays, but it could be difficult if you start painting higher and higher. It is also quite easy to tip over, spilling the content and ruining your floor as well. Instead, try a paint grid. A paint grid also uses a roller but the paint is inside a bucket with a grid in the middle, allowing the roller to have less spillage, making the painting job neater and quicker.

House painting louisville can be fun. Doing it yourself is exciting. But do not ever forget that there are professionals out there who would also love to help and make you a happy customer. You can work together to create the dream interior and exterior walls that you have wanted.