No Matter What Happens There Should Always Be A Plan


When two of the greatest forces in the world collide, one of two things will happen no one will win and the world would be left in chaos, or there will be mass destruction and both of them will be defeated or destroyed with the might of each other’s power. In the case of Batman and Superman, the case is entirely a different viewpoint. There is a conflicting ideal to begin with in that Batman has the ‘no killing’ attitude no matter what the level of discomfort and personal vendetta, whereas with Superman being a demi-god having to do the things no matter what despite the consequences. Both ideals are understandable and that the situation is the same with both their pasts being horrific and both their parents being murdered. In the same event how will the conflicting ideas come to peace in the world that we lie in today? The same conflicting ideas will be presented to us and we have to decide if we should follow what is easy and what is the right choice. Wearing a batman v superman shirt, in commemoration of their ideals is a start and a symbol of hope that both of them represent will soon be the only thing in the world that will be the truth.

Ideals Matter

It is not always about the results that matter but the ideals and the methods through which those results are obtained is also something that is very important. The fact that Batman and Superman are the pinnacle of those ideals and stand strongly by that same beliefs is a reason for all of us to have ideals and stand by them no matter what the circumstances, in life and death is a simple proof of that. Promote your ideals with the batman v superman shirt, from the website and make sure that they are as strong as the people who are on it.


It is important to have ideals and it is even more important to follow them and it is key to stick by them at all costs.